UMORFIL® Technology using supramolecular technology to integrate collagen peptide amino acid which upcycled from food waste – aquaculture fish scale (circular economy concept) with cellulose fiber (UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber®), polyester (UMORFIL® T) and nylon (UMORFIL® N6U®), create the bionic functional fiber series, so they will like silk and wool have some special properties, like the softness, higher moisture regain, nature deodorizing, anti-UV etc. Also, all of UMORFIL® materials had passed the medical level of skin sensitization and irritation testing (ISO 10993). UMORFIL® had been used in all ranges of textile products from denim, shirts, innerwear, home textile, wadding and shoes materials.

* To supervise material’s quality, UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber Series are all designed and made in Taiwan.

UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® (Viscose)

UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® was created to pursuit innovation in textile products that are skin-friendly and good for environment. It can be blended with cotton, linen, lyocell, wool and synthetic fibers to provide different texture for different applications.

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UMORFIL® N6U® (Nylon)

UMORFIL® N6U® is a new type of nylon which has better hand-feeling with deep dyeable feature, higher moisture regain, natural cooling effect and anti-UV function, provide us a skin friendly and better protection textile material.

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UMORFIL® T (Polyester)

The manufacture process changes the molecular structure of poly, which make UMORFIL® T with champagne gold color naturally, has bionic feature and soft touch, also with better elongation. The industry can design the fabric with natural champagne gold color, without the dyeing process it can reduce the usage of dyestuff and the effluent issue.

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UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber had passed testing by textile lab



UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber Features

Bionic Fiber Series

UMORFIL® technology is bonding collagen peptide amino acid and textile materials with proprietary and patented in several countries.

Collagen peptide polymer

All UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber Series had passed the Hydroxyproline test to determine collagen in the fiber/yarn. Analysis was performed by LC/MS/MS in SGS lab.


The collagen peptide amino acid obtains from upcycled food waste - aquaculture fish scale, it can reduce environmental pollution.

Prevent Enviromental Pollution

Upcycle the ingredient and level up the materials with nature skin friendly and bionic features, which can prevent the usage of chemicals and detergent.

Great for Sensitive Skin

UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber series had passed the testing of sensitive / irritation skin testing with medical level (ISO 10993).

HALAL certificate

All 3 types of UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber had passed HALAL certificate.

Better Moisture Regain

UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber series with higher moisture regain than the regular textile materials.